The following has been put together by and shows how similar the current higher education bubble in the US is to the recent housing bubble.

But it also illustrates how much faster this particular bubble is forming.

The infographics do not work at present as the hosting site seems to be having problems.

And what they seem to be saying is that, like housing, education is now purely viewed as a personal investment. Invest in your (or your offspring’s) education now and they will reap the financial rewards forever; therefore you must pay any price asked to get your hands on the golden investment of degree.

Could this be happening in the UK too? A degree is now seen in the UK as a sort of personal enrichment for which the student should pay, because they will earn more. And more and more students are taking on piles of debt to get their hands on the degree that will ensure high wages for the rest of their lives.

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But do they benefit? Unless you’ve got the ‘right’ degree from the ‘right’ university you may well find yourself in line with the other 80 odd applicants for every graduate level job. Especially if you can’t afford to take a non-paid internship. There are even internships cropping up where the internee has to pay for the privilege of the chance to work at that level!

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