In September house building in the UK grew at its fastest pace for almost ten years according to a trade survey.

"The encouraging growth in the economy has created a boom in house building but to sustain it we must start to train the next generation of tradesmen now," said Will Davies – a large scale employer in the construction sector.

"Many business sectors in the UK feel that they are facing a future 'skill gap' and a 'skill gap' certainly exists in the building industry," said Mr Davies who is the founder and MD of managing director and founder of property maintenance and refurbishment company

"Research from a leading UK small business insurer this year discovered that 25% of plumbers and 19% of bricklayers have left their trades over the last four years. The recession has hit the building trades hard and we need to recruit and train new tradesmen from the one million young people unemployed or without training in the UK," he said.

The survey by financial information firm Markit found that the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply purchasing managers' housing index in September was 64.8 which is just below the 64.9 that it was in November 2003.

"Having been in the doldrums for so long, builders are using this renewal as a platform to invest, with employment seeing the most dramatic upturn in close to six years," said David Noble of the Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply.

"There is certainly an urgent need to invest in quality training for young tradesmen," said Mr Davies who is a long-term campaigner for a return to traditional apprenticeships training and recently made a submission to the Parliamentary inquiry into youth employment in the construction industry.

"We all know that young people trying to find their way in the world of work are having an incredibly tough time at the moment. At we have turned to Go Think Big to help us with our recruitment of young workers," said Will Davies.

Go Think Big is a social action partnership (backed by O2 and Bauer Media) created last year to help young people (aged between 16 and 25) develop their work skills and improve their employability. It is a one-stop shop that provides helpful ideas, advice and support to kick-start young careers.

The working team at Go Think Big have all been recruited from UK youth brands (Kiss, heat, Kerrang! Grazia among others) and each one of them struggled at some point to achieve the relevant skills for their chosen employment path. Their aim is to produce work opportunities, genuine skills training and an advice packed website that is relevant to young people.

"I can only urge other employers that Go Think Big has a lot to offer. If employers can give young people an opportunity to demonstrate how keen they are to work; they will be astonished with the results," said Mr Davies. has developed its own system of 'Boot Camps' to select candidates for their own fully-paid trade apprenticeships.

House construction -

House construction –'s next Boot Camp will be held at their South London headquarters in conjunction with Go Think Big on Wednesday 16th October.

About Will Davies:

Will Davies is the co-founder and MD of which is a leading property maintenance and refurbishment company operating across both the domestic and commercial sectors.

They operate a 24 hours-per-day, seven days a week service and use the cutting edge technology to enable its workforce and ensure best customer practice, and high levels of performance. employs a fully-skilled workforce – from handymen to qualified technicians, including gas engineers, plumbers, decorators and drainage specialists.

Founded in 2004, has grown at over 100% year-on-year. The company is based in South West London, and operates primarily across the city and all areas inside the M25. In July 2011, the company launched its nationwide franchise business.

Prior to founding Will Davies was a mergers & acquisitions expert at Societe Generale.

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