In the modern business world you need to use every tool in the box to get the edge on the competition. One cheap and effective method is to invest in good business cards, which can convey the best possible message about you and your business in just a few seconds for relatively little outlay.

The message here is to think not only about what basic information is put on them but also about what branding image is being sent out.

Business cards

Not all business cards need the name of the person on them, but it can come across as a nice personalized touch. But if you are part of a large organisation it can be useful for the recipient to have a specific person to contact for a particular service. The name of the individual or the name of the business tends to be the most prominent and be in bold text on the card. A physical address, email address or both are typical elements of a business card. There are often multiple numbers that may include landlines, mobile, fax, etc. but you can leave out any numbers that are not your preferred method of contact. Remember that sometimes less can be better, don’t make it look cluttered.

A very short tag line that describes your business can be important, especially where the company name itself isn't self-explanatory. It is important to use a logo on your card in order to establish brand awareness or business identity. If you do not have a company logo don’t worry too much, as sometimes stock photos and images can help to clarify exactly what service you are offering. After choosing the layout of your text or images, you might want to select an interesting design for your business card.

Having a unique design can help in not only making yourself and your brand memorable to the recipient it will also make it more likely for them to keep it which, after all, is the aim of the exercise. Ask yourself what would make you keep someone else’s business card.

One excellent idea for a practical business card is to have one with a hole in it so that it can be slipped onto a key-ring. It's a quirky idea and a great way of ensuring that your business card doesn’t get lost amongst the mass of other business cards in the recipients pocket.

When all of this has been decided you can go to a website like business cards and upload your designs for a quick and convenient way of printing them. Instant print business cards are dispatched within 24 hours after you have uploaded and confirmed your design.

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