Wonders never cease to amaze! The formerly most powerful woman in the world used to eat 28 eggs a week to help her lose weight.

The 'Iron lady' may have given 'Cool Hand Luke' a run for his money according to personal papers pertaining to Margaret Thatcher's pre-election diet.

This two week regime still sounds drastic in our post-Atkins diet society but at the time it would have been just as explosive as Lady Thatcher's visits to the bathroom.

She must have powdered her nose more than Pete Doherty and I would not have shared an electioneering vehicle with her.

Constipation can become quite a hindrance with a high protein diet clogging you up if you don't drink plenty of fluids and the report mentions she wasn't just swigging at Denis's gin due to her abstinence from booze, otherwise there would have been rather clogged Maggie taking Prime Minister's questions.

No wonder she was called 'The Iron lady' and also explains why a jealous Edwina Currie may have plotted to oust Maggie through making her fat and ruining her self confidence by scaring her off eggs.

Yes John Major's bedtime bouncing partner was probably in collusion with him on an early coup in what history books may refer to as 'Egg-Gate'.

It is also noted that Maggie did not have a problem with her weight which is something I can well believe. After all anyone who had to run around picking up the pieces of Mark Thatcher's misdemeanours  is going to burn off more calories than the roadrunner in an hour long chase by Wile E. Coyote flying Concorde.

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