Michael Becker

The Right Hon Gordon Brown MP,
10 Downing Street,

Dear Prime Minister,

Thank you so much for creating a country where ordinary, reasonable and law abiding people now fear to tread.

For what have you achieved? You have filled the Houses of Parliament with fraudsters and handed the country over to them. You have given over control of the streets to thugs. You have handed the keys of the banks to thieves and now the schools are governed by unruly children.

I have been found guilty of battery for removing a disobedient child from the classroom. I was ensuring that his racist joke that he continually told, despite many reproaches from me, was heard no more by the other children. I had tried all other avenues and this was the only one left open to me.

I believed I used reasonable force to achieve the aim. The court thought otherwise. I did not hit the boy, all I did was take him out of the classroom to where he could disrupt the other pupils no more. I used the force in good faith, to prevent other children being affected by his behaviour. But this is now interpreted in the same way as a common assault by a mugger on a victim.

I blame you not for the outcome of the trial, but for the way you and your ilk have allowed the laws of this land to become twisted in the favour of the criminals and wasters.

God help the poor sod of a teacher who now has to try and educate the child concerned! Or any other pupil so likeminded. I wish the teachers well as I would not want another dedicated professional to fall foul of the current ‘system’.

But there is a far more disturbing aspect to this and the one that angers me the most. The Catch-22 situation that I was in. Had I made no attempt to remove the child and he had continued to disrupt the class with his racist joke, I would still be in the same position. But pilloried for NOT taking action to remove him. But the child would also have been questioned by the police for a hate crime.

Maybe that is the route a future teacher should take. Call the police quoting a hate crime. That would bring them running with lights ablaze and sirens wailing. And a hearty ‘well done’ to the teacher for taking firm and immediate action. This is the sort of society your are creating.

I wish you a devastating defeat and rout in the forthcoming General Election, very sincerely.

M. Becker

Michael Becker

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