Nelson Mandela (18th July 1918 – 5th December 2013)

Nelson Mandela will be sadly missed and be remembered as a hero and fighter of the past century, for democracy, equality and freedom leaving an enduring legacy of peace, dignity and immense forgiveness.

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Some facts about the life of nelson Mandeal from the infographic supplied by Ad-Rank:

He attained a status that was above politics and continues to inspire as a symbol of hope for millions across the world. As President Obama said, Mandela "bent the moral arch of the universe towards justice". The true impact of his existence on Earth will live on for eternity.

Born Rolihlahla Mandela, he was given the name 'Nelson' on his first day at school by his teacher, Miss Mdingane as was customary in areas under British colonial rule.

He attended the University College of Fort hare, a very prestigious university but, after tendering his resignation from the Student Representative Council he was expelled and never completed his degree there. He later gained his BA through the University of South Africa and graduated at Fort Hare in 1943. Over the years he was awarded honorary degrees from over 50 universities around the world.

His first job was as a security guard at a mine.

Mandela was a boxing and track star at Clarkebury Boarding Institute and Wesleyan College.

He was dubbed "The Black Pimpernel" for his ability to evade the police.

Robben Island, where nelson Mandela spent 18 years of his 27 years of incarceration, became known as "Mandela University" owing to his free legal advice to inmates and prison staff alike.

"It always seems impossible until it's done".

RIP Nelson Mandela.

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