According to president of the Automobile Association (AA) Edmund King “Men are involved in two thirds more crashes than women. Male dominance in statistics for speeding, in particular, suggests that confidence can often outstrip skill – with potentially fatal consequences.

According to an Express article man are 70% more likely to be involved in a crash than are women. But despite this on;ly 15% of those taking advantage of the AA Charitable Trust's refresher courses are male.

Not only are men more likely to have a motoring conviction by a factor of 1,5 to 1, they were involved in 133,995 reported motoring accidents in 2009 whereas women could only manage 79,670.

This of course is not just a UK phenomenon (

The statistics do not give a breakdown of miles driven by each sex or numbers of male drivers on the road at any one time compared to female drivers. That would change the picture significantly either way if the answers are not exactly equal.

But one ting that many insurance companies would say is that the young male tends to drive more aggressively than females and the older males. So how is it when you encounter them walking in the street they just meander aimlessly and slowly, getting in the way all the while? They're never in a rush to get anywhere other than the nearest sofa and XBox. But put them behind the wheel of a motor and the testosterone flows with a vengeance, with squealing tyres and roaring exhausts.

Now surely this is not that much of a surprise that the sex with a higher risk tolerance has the most accidents. What next, only women can be bus, train and taxi drivers as well as airline pilots for safety reasons?

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