Today I spent most of the day in Malmsebury, a market town in the Southern Cotswolds in the county of Wiltshire.

It’s a wonderful and very pretty town with the central draw being its famous Abbey.

Malmesbury is also the HQ for Dyson, the founder of which James Dyson is a well-known Brexiteer.

I was there in the Town hall with about 50 other people to attend a conference discussing a wide ranging set of topics that many believe will become the next big political topic after Brexit.

These range around four main subject areas: proportional representation, free speech, an English Parliament and reform of the House of Lords. The ten speakers gave good account of themselves, some of which I agreed with some not but that is what these events are all about.

The speeches were filmed separately and I will link to them in the description box below once they are available on YouTube.

After the meeting I managed to catch up with a couple of the speakers.

The first of these was Klina Jordan of Make Votes Matter (

The second speaker I talked to was Colin Bex of the Wessex regionalists, who believes in an autonomous region fro the South and South West of England.

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