The royal wedding was always going to be a hard act for the London May Day protest against government cuts to follow. But the event was further buried by the overnight news of the killing of Osama Bib Laden.

There is very little coverage of the May Day event apart from a piece in the Guardian.

The protest was one of many held around the world and attracted (according to organisers) about 10,000 protesters to the UK capital.

The event in Trafalgar Square in support of trade union rights, human rights and international solidarity was a follow on from the mass protest on 26th March that got so many column inches.

Former Labour cabinet minister Tony Benn called for the "majority who create the world's wealth" to regain control over "the handful who control the world's wealth" adding "All the gains that have been made have been made by people like ourselves, campaigning year in and year out. This week, local authorities have got their elections. We must use our vote to build on what the TUC did on 26 March, and work for a better society for ourselves and our children and grandchildren".

Lee Jasper of Black Activists Rising Against Cuts told the TUC "to get off its knees and call a general strike, as early as June" and warned that far-right groups would try to profit politically from the cuts.

Sarah Veale from the TUC said that the cuts in state spending will hit the main users of services, women and children, which would give a whole new meaning to the phrase 'women and children first'.

It's a good job they weren't planning to hold this protest a couple of days earlier, as they would have probably been arrested, however peaceful they are.

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