The C and C party Coalition has taken control of the reigns, C and C? Well The 'Cameron and Clegg Party' of course!

Or ‘the Coercion and Camouflage Party.’

Or ‘the Completely Conned Party.’

Or ‘the Changes of policy and Cheats Party.’

Or, last but not least, ‘The behind Closed doors and C’mon never mind the electorate, you help me and I’ll give you the number two job’ party.

I must say that this whole general election thing has left a very bitter taste in the mouth, not because I am a Labour supporter, because I’m not. But because of the feeling I have that, I have as a voter, been taken for a bit of a ride by the Conservative and LibDem parties.

I agree that it was indeed time for change. But we needed a decisive win from one or other of the parties to drag away the general notion from most of the voting public that I have spoken to of, ‘well, what did you expect, it was all sewn up before a vote was cast’.

Having said that, change we now have, a new Prime Minister in occupation at No10 and Mr Cameron, I am sure will try his best.

What really does grip me about this whole episode is the role of the LibDems. How can it be that a politician whose party received only 57 seats could have so much say and power in the formation of a new government?

Mr Clegg has done quite well out of it though has he not? Deputy Prime Minister no less.

This mess is born out of antiquated election laws and rules.

Mr Cameron’s first task should be to overhaul these laws to make this kind of farcical result impossible so never again does the United Kingdom find itself to be the laughing stock of the democratic world.

His task is now also to re-energise a public who are worn out with politicians and sound bites. The same public who didn’t quite give him their support emphatically to run our government, Mr Cameron will do well to remember that fact along with the fact that only a very small proportion of voters wanted to see the now Deputy PM have the top job.

As for Mr Clegg, offering one’s services to the highest bidder is far from a new idea, it could be argued that it is the ‘oldest profession in the world’,  wink, wink.

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