Do you find it difficult to attract the opposite sex at Christmas parties? Do people avoid standing near the mistletoe when you're around?

Or maybe you know a real loser who can't get a kiss.

Then this is for you!

The 'Loser's Friend' is made of high quality recycled plastic bottle tops. This exquisite and tasteful adornment can be worn to even the most high class of Christmas parties. It is also designed to complement even the most expensive of jewellery.

Mistletoe holder

With it's adjustable special one-size-fits-all design, it can be worn by the bald and the 'big-haired' alike.

Be the most kissed guest at the party. Order your Loser's Friend today! Only limited stocks available. Buy one for that special loser in your life!

(Head, string, mistletoe and girls not supplied. Suppliers take no legal responsibility for reaction of others or for damage to eyes from swinging mistletoe. Device may remain in one piece after Christmas, but not guaranteed.)

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