The famously acclaimed Fitzroy Square Hospital lies between Warren Street tube station and Great Portland Street, just off Euston Road. With a successful and impressive history that only strengthens the hospitals reputation, it’s no wonder UK cosmetic surgery company MYA have recently secured acquisition of the building. It’s set to become the top location for the company.

Stethoscope by Alex Proimos (CC 2.0)

Stethoscope by Alex Proimos (CC 2.0)

Fitzroy Square Hospital comes with a rich history; 1904 saw two dwellings in Fitzroy Square acquired and the renovations began. Queen Alexandra opened the first two houses, followed by Queen Mary who, in 1923, opened the rebuild.

The royal family have favoured the popular hospital throughout history. The Queen Mother paid an exclusive visit in 1957. The hospital’s seventieth anniversary in 1977 was celebrated by Princess Alexandra and The Queen Mother then returned in 1992 to celebrate the centennial celebrations.

Taking one year to complete, Fitzroy Hospital underwent a large-scale redevelopment and refurbishment in 1994. The Archbishop of Canterbury rededicated the hospital on January 17th shortly after the redevelopment. The hospital was then re-opened by the Queen on the 8th March.

A further more extensive restoration took place in 2007 costing £3.7 million. Fitzroy Hospital quickly converted to one of the best equipped and modern hospitals in the UK.

In 2009 the hospital was obtained by the GHG (General Healthcare Group) to be a part of their BMI Healthcare portfolio. The minor and major operating theatre hospital underwent a change of name to BMI Fitzroy Square. Five years later, MYA, one of the noted UK cosmetic surgery businesses, leased the whole hospital for twenty-one years and are now the new owners.

The hospital is set to open this month. Work has been carried out to ensure the facility is fully equipped, functional and offers excellent service for patients. CQC registration and enlisting leading clinical personnel will contribute to making the hospital the go-to location for cosmetic surgery in London.

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