It appears that UK police forces are issuing their officers with lifestyle guides.

The Northern Echo reports that the guides issued by Durham Police give advice on such things as healthy eating and ‘bedtime routines’.

According to a survey half of the UK police forces admit to handing out these guides aimed at improving the lot of their officers.

The guides give handy tips on such things as preventing pee breaks interrupting your sleep by not drinking too much fluid prior to retiring for the night.

It also helps with handy sandwich filling ideas, not expecting the partner to do all the household chores and ‘making dates’ with your spouse.

There is it seems also a 16 page ‘shift survival guide’ talking about the need for hobbies and relaxation.

All very laudable, but most of this sounds pretty fundamental common sense to me, which is exactly what the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA)  told the Northern Echo.

While a Durham Police spokesman said that it made good sense for the force to look after its people ‘ … with advice and support to enable them to function effectively while maintaining a good work-life balance’, the TPA said that police officers should be endowed with sufficient common sense to function in their job and shouldn’t need  the nanny state to step in with these basic ideas at a cost to the taxpayer.

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