Although slowly coming down, emotions are still at a heightened level after the events of the last few weeks.

The police and other emergency service personnel are going to be heavily involved in dealing with the investigations and aftermath of those events for months, if not years to come.

So the last thing they need is this so called ‘Day of Rage’ tomorrow, instigated by those on the hard left, some of whom believe that they are so right that even destruction and violence is justified.

Day of Rage’, what a stupid title for a demonstration scant days after such horrific events around the country and in the sweltering heat of summer.

According to the media, there are fears that this event could turn violent. This of course will have to soak up the already scarce police resources, because the police commanders have to take the risk seriously and task officers to monitor the demonstration.

The organisers of this protest and those planning to attend should look in the mirror and ask themselves what really would be the best and correct thing for them to do right now. In my book that would be to cancel the event, not go there and leave our hard pressed emergency service personnel to the job of getting the capital back to normal.

I have a message for anyone still intent on going to London tomorrow to potentially stir up trouble – you are part of the problem, grow up and become part of the solution. This is not the time for petty parlour games. You do the victims and families who have been hurt by recent events a massive disservice by pushing your agenda at this time. Stay home and send the cost of the journey to a relevant charity instead.

Police taking notes (PD)

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