With Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen in the cast you know you're not watching just any old tat but how does it compare to the 1960s original?

I assume probably to my error that you're familiar with the original so lets start on an aesthetic note.

The setting is different and the charm of Portmeirion is missing and the 60s British eccentric is also missing but this is 2010 and made for Americans so what did you expect?

To be honest its all very American apart from the ever brilliant Sir Ian McKellen.

The whole show is American with a retro feel to the village which is set in an arid landscape contrasting with the quirky seaside village of Portmeirion.

So for me much of that which made the original series of The Prisoner is absent but there is still a little of the claustrophobic atmosphere but seriously diluted.

The oppressive nature of the supporting characters in both script and visually isn't so easily cultivated here as it was in the psychedelic 60s.

Back then simple camera zooming and lighting tricks could do very strange and frightening things with people's faces leaving the viewer feeling quite intimidated and denying the existence of a world outside the village was more infuriating especially if they were wearing  some strange Jesters costume driving around in a golf buggy.

Roll forward the clock to 2010 and all we get here is a retro taxi and 'Village' branding everywhere to convince us that we are not in any other location other than the village, this is hardly conducive to creating a sense of imprisonment.

Jim Caviezel and Ian McKellen are predictably brilliant and do their best to pull something out of this disappointing re-make which many were  so looking forward to.

But all is not lost here.

There is one good thing about it not being to close to the original and that is it does still make you think about some of the more important questions we have in our lives today.

This would not have been achievable were it set in Portmeirion today. Where is the relevance in shooting it in a 1960s style by a Welsh seaside location if your targeting the American audience? which this series clearly is.

I will be watching the next episode and probably beyond that the following episodes because somewhere along the line I still enjoyed the show.

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