– Brits with partners spend 77 per cent more than singles on dining out

– People in relationships also invest more in clothes, beauty treatments and fitness

– One in 10 Britons spends six or more evenings per week 'out and about'

New research commissioned by Privilege Home Insurance reveals that Britons who are in a relationship spend more money on social activities and appearance than those who are single.

Dispelling the myth that people in relationships spend less than their singleton friends, the figures revealed that British singles outlay £272 on restaurant meals each year, whereas those with partners spend almost double at £482. The same applies to money spent on cinema, theatre and gigs, with footloose singles shelling out £158 annually, but those with a significant other outlaying £230.

Spending on wellbeing and appearance also differs significantly depending on relationship status. Each year the average single person spends £322 on clothing, £154 on beauty and grooming and £169 on gym and sports memberships. This rises to £414, £204 and £197 respectively, for those with a significant other.

Privilege's research suggests that on the whole, Britons spend a significant amount of time away from the home socialising and enjoying leisure or fitness activities, with one in 10 (10 per cent) spending an evening at home once or a week or less*.

Dan Simson, head of Privilege Home Insurance, comments: "We were surprised to find that spending varied so significantly with relationship status. Couples appear to spend more money, whether they're at home or out and about, perhaps because they share basic living costs, leaving more money to spend on other activities.

"The research also highlights just how much time and money we invest in social and leisure activities, spending as a result, a lot of time away from the home. We know from our own experience that people are more likely to encounter issues with their home when it is unoccupied, from water leaks to break-ins, which is why it's so important to have a home insurance policy that covers for all eventualities."

Privilege Social Singles Spending Review

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* Respondents were asked how often they spend the entire evening at home. 35% answered "every day" and 55% answered "more than once a week", leaving 10% who did so once a week or less often.

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