Don’t tell me you have never sat in a coffee shop, train station, bus station, airport, and just watched the world go by? I am a woman who believes fashion and clothes are the key to everything, so do we dress for ourselves or for others? I commute to London a lot and, as I sit in a Starbucks with my latté in Oxford Circus, the endless people who walk by puzzle me. I am going on to do a degree in psychology, therefore I seem to find myself pondering about the mental side of fashion and whether we dress according to our location, or do we dress for ourselves?

In the city, do the majority of the population teeter around in heels, long black coats, hats, red lipstick and make-up (the amount of which always leaves me wondering how they move their faces) due to the fact they want to? Or maybe it’s because they feel out of place if they don’t?

I think we can all agree that if you compared the city world of fashion to the country life of fashion they are both very different. In fact there is a huge contrast. Why is it that if you wear a pair of heels to a Supermarket in Dorset people stare, as the mainstream of people there are in tracksuit bottoms and trainers? Whereas, if you were to wear tracksuit bottoms and trainers in the city, people would wonder why you aren’t in a pair of 6inch heels? It almost feels like we are inhabiting two separate worlds?

This leads me back to a psychological debate. Are the clothes we wear based on who we are, or where we are? Is the reason we try to fit in with the rest of the World due to lack of confidence? Or just because we don’t have the guts to be just that little bit different?

To conclude my thoughts, although I can’t quite answer all my questions, as a general reflection I feel that fashion is used to convey a statement, I feel it is a way of expressing the way in which we feel and think about ourselves but, due to the fact fashion is getting more and more stereotypical, I feel people aren’t expressing themselves in the way they want to. They only express themselves in a way that they believe is ‘socially normal’. Does this then lead one to the conclusion that no-one is saying what they actually think and feel? But only copy what thoughts are going on around them? Are we all wearing off on one another?

For today I am going to leave you with a thought, like some of my judgments there may be no answer, but it will hopefully leave you thinking! Does the lack of independence in fashion mean that singular individual thoughts are becoming obsolete..?

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