Daily Brexit Brief: Tuesday 10th July 2018

Today is the true start of Theresa May's very soft (non-existent) Brexit push, when she gets her new cabinet together for its first meeting.

She has now managed to clear the most heavyweight Brexiteers off of her cabinet team and get the rest to openly back her Chequers proposals.

And, with the appointment of Dominic Raab, she also managed to morph the job of Brexit secretary into a mere gopher between her Number Ten Europe adviser, Olly Robbins, and the EU Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier. Basically because Raab, by taking the job, has signed up to that deal.

But despite this hectic heave of cabinet activity, Brussels still acknowledges the risk of a no deal Brexit being the eventual outcome.

For his part, David Davis told talkRadio that his resignation would help stop any further concessions. "I think one of the things it will do is make people very conscious of any further concessions." He said "There will be pressure on the Government not to make any further concession. That of itself is worthwhile."

And Boris Johnson has launched a scathing attack on the PM reports BBC News, by saying that she is suffocating the Brexit dream.

There have been rumblings on the Tory backbenches with John Redwood sending out a series of Tweets on the subject, but as of yet the required number of letters of no confidence in the PM (48) have not materialised that would start the process of a vote of no confidence in their leader amongst MPs.

Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader, says that, if May stays as PM, the UK will never get back control:

How about some of the responses of some 'Westmonster' followers.

And here are the responses of some EU leaders to this latest news (video) – love the line about the only people who will miss Boris Johnson will be the cartoonists!:

At the end of the day, unless the Tory leadership is changed and a true Brexiteer takes the helm, then just like John Longworth writes in Brexit Central, the UK will truly become a mere satellite of a new European superstate!

It's up to all Tory Brexiteers now to show the damage that will be wrought on the Conservative Party should she decide to brazenly go through with this surrender plan.

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