If you’ve not yet heard about the new revolution in pub quiz nights, then I’d like to know where you’ve been hiding this past year! SpeedQuizzing is taking pubs up and down the country and bars all over the world by storm. A quiz where your Smartphone is used as an answering device to questions asked by the host. This quiz includes the old favourites from the usual pub quiz such as picture rounds, music rounds, and famous face rounds but with one major difference – speed!

Speedquizzing.comWith SpeedQuizzing it is fastest finger on the buzzer wins, so it’s no good just knowing the answer to the questions given, you need to know it and act fast! At the beginning of each SpeedQuizzing event, each team will need to download a FREE app onto their smartphone or tablet, which turns their phone into a virtual buzzer. The keypad will also be used for answering multiple-choice questions with a,b,c,d answers and also number answers 1,2,3 and so on. This unique way of quizzing is already hugely popular, not just for people who want an evening’s entertainment, but also for those looking to earn some extra cash by hosting one of these events.

The wonderful guys at SpeedQuizzing have set up a range of packages for those wanting to host a quiz. For anyone interested in hosting an event, pop along to  http://www.speedquizzing.com/ to find out everything you need to know.

If you are a quiz lover, the fact that it is impossible to cheat in a SpeedQuizzing event should be a refreshing alternative to the old paper and pen quizzes of yore. The questions range from music to popular culture, with bonus rounds where you can fly from last place to first on the strength of one correct and speedy bonus answer!

Each team are given their own theme tune at the beginning of the night. This song will play each time that team answers a question first, so get there early and choose the best tune for your team! For the picture rounds, the images will show up on each teams Smartphone and the keypad will be used to answer the question, no more blurry photocopied quiz sheets in a SpeedQuizzing event

This really is a fun and original night out for people from all walks of life. If you enjoy quizzing in a fun and light-hearted atmosphere, find the nearest one to you and get quizzing!

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