A video has come to light showing a series of red UFOs flying over the skies of Helsinki, Finland.

The footage was taken on Saturday the 23rd of July, but are we seeing little green men or is there more of an oriental origin behind the mysterious red glowing objects.

The multiple UFOs (4 in total) caught on the video are unlike a great deal of video footage because there are no fast movements of the objects which does suggest that they are not from outer space.

There have been many examples of Chinese lanterns being mistaken for UFOs, both glow red and tend to move in groups in the sky because they are following the path that the wind blows them.

I myself witnessed a similar thing on November 5th last year over the skies of Abergavenny as Chinese lanterns stretched across the sky on Bonfire Night.

The Chinese lanterns I witnessed at a distance also moved in the same direction just as the UFOs (which stands for Unidentified Flying Object and some people would do well to remember that fact)  in the Helsinki video clip so I would say that his video does not show an extra terrestrial craft.

However this does not mean that we are not being visited by extra terrestrial/dimensional entities, The Only Way is Essex is testimony that there are less intelligent aliens living amongst us right now.

But in all seriousness, even if there are a few dodgy videos on YouTube showing UFOs in the sky that most certainly does not mean that we are not being visited from elsewhere or elsewhen.

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