I look outside and the snow is everywhere. But I can walk to the shops and I am young enough to weather the elements so the cold is not life threatening to me. But to millions of old, sick  and disabled people the recent cold weather is life threatening.

In small communities folk tend to band together in times of trouble unlike their city counterparts who will horde provisions for themselves. But in recent years after the social impact of Thatcher-ism and Blair/Brown-ism our nation has become insular and now an 'I'm alright Jack' ethos permeates our society.

If you're reading this article you must be reminded that in your immediate vicinity (unless you live in the middle of nowhere) someone who is either disabled, sick or elderly is very frightened and all it would take is for you to check on them to reassure them that they are not alone.

I ask for this to become a part of our culture and I have a name for this act of kindness, I call it  "The Remembering".

If we can instill it into our children now, then our future generations won't have to face the degradation of decent values that politicians and those who have influence over our society have presided over for the past  30 years.

Do you know of anyone in your community who is vulnerable at this time? If so I wouldn't count on their family or social services being able to reach them in these conditions so it would do no harm to just go and check on them. In fact it will do a lot of good!

If you feel awkward about it then go and knock on the doors of a few people you know who are less vulnerable and get them to go out with you in a group. It is time to get reacquainted with your fellow man.

If someone you visit needs any shopping then get it for them. If they can't afford the food buy it for them anyway (providing you can afford it) and don't ask for any money back.

Go on have a think, get off your backside and do something good with your life instead of worrying about yourself. Gordon Brown won't help the vulnerable, he is too busy trying to avoid the punches Geoff Hoon and Patricia Hewitt are throwing at him in the new leadership contest, so it is up to you reading this.

Yes, thats right…YOU!!

So begins "The Remembering".

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