In an attempt to get her deal through parliament Theresa May and her team have unleashed yet more project fear on the long suffering masses.


But, this is the one time when the opposition will not be arguing with her. The opposition are not going to say she's got this wrong – if anything they are trying to make the calamitous pronouncements of the government even more apocalyptic.

Already today we've had the government's own analysis saying that the bottom will fall out of the UK economy when we leave the EU and the fall will be limited only by how close we stay wedded to the EU.

But we've heard this all before when the establishment managed to successfully get the UK to vote to remain in the common market in 1975, when it unsuccessfully tried to get us in the euro and before it failed to get voters to accept EU rule in 2016.

Project fear and Brexageddon are now on steroids and are being shamelessly employed by the establishment to cow the people of the UK into rejecting anything other than an EU security blanket in whatever form it can get us to accept.

And the the Tory and Labour fear mongering is not actually aimed at each other, it is aimed first and foremost at the prospect of a WTO based exit from the European Union.

Neither the Tories nor Labour want the UK to stray one inch away from the EU and will do all in their power to achieve that. They are desperate to keep us and ultimately themselves in their EU safe zone.

They are therefore both fighting to convince the people of the UK that the country has to stay in a customs union with the EU for its very survival. Both the Tories and the Labour solution is a customs union, the Tories is a temporary one with a permanent backstop, and the Labour one is just permanent.

And then as time goes on, they would both ease us back into the EU on horrendously bad terms. But at least they would be back in their own little safe space.

Hence the visions on both sides of Apocalypse Now.

They are both regurgitating the same old stories of lorry parks outside Dover, hospitals and surgeries as medicine free zones, and supermarkets devoid of food and even stories that our rain soaked land will suffer a severe shortage of water in the days after the 29th March 2019 unless we sign a devil's contract with the EU.

And all zealously backed up with by the civil service and most of the media.

But what is really being played out between the Conservatives and Labour is, do you want a Blue Remain, or a Red Remain. That is all they can offer.

Neither of those parties can offer you the Full Withdrawal of the UK from the EU unless it is forced on them – despite the claims of the few real Brexiteers they have in their ranks. Brexit is in neither party's DNA.

After years of EU control all they can see is the EU flag and their own self-generated fear of losing the comfort of external control over their decisions and actions.

These people have an irrational fear of freedom and independence. They have a phobia.

And believe or not there is a word for it – 'Eleutherophobia'.

Yes, Remainers are Eleutherophobic.

I think we need to get used to using this term as it does explain this apparent desire to be ruled and controlled by a foreign power. They can try and call it a sharing thing, or joint sovereignty, but looking at the way our establishment has basically prostrated itself before Brussels at every opportunity, the rest of us can see the real truth.

So, buckle up and enjoy a ride on the Apocalypse Brexit express rollercoaster ride to Bexaggedon.

And it's going to be a long ride as it will get bumpier and more screechingly scary over the next couple of weeks until our MPs vote on it on the 11th December 2018.

You have been warned!


Stand firm in the face of the onslaught of Project Fear propaganda

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