You would think, after reading all the stuff over the weekend about how the super rich pay a third of the income tax, that the rest of us somehow owed them our gratitude. Especially according to Boris Johnson. But don’t be fooled by this one.

For a start there are other taxes to consider such as council tax, VAT, tax on fuel, stamp duty on house sales and insurance premium tax that the poor also have to pay (they don’t have fancy tax advisers).

But more importantly is the question of why the rich are, on paper, paying the lion’s share of income tax and, to put it simply, it is because the efforts of the rest of us are being under-valued in today’s society.

Put another way the vast majority are under-paid.

When people work for a living they should be paid a wage that can support them as well as their full commitment to supporting the state of which they are a member. That way not only promotes fairness it also promotes pride in paying your way through life, something governments say a lot of words about.

Therefore the pay should obviously be enough to house, feed and clothe us as well as pay all taxes that are required.

People who work contribute to society and help the rich grow rich by building the infrastructure, making and growing the goods then transporting them around the country. For example, consider a successful author – do you think that he or she could be wealthy unless there were publishers, printers, editors, bookbinders, packagers, deliverers, salespeople, customers and the roads to transport them on? All the people involved should be properly rewarded not reliant on tax credits.

Money -

Money –

In effect what is happening at the moment is the wealthy are retaining money and paying it on behalf of workers because the workers have put their time into making the success.

Lifting’ these people out of poverty by raising the income tax threshold is just an admission that any proper pay (reward) and tax system in this country has collapsed. As a result the poor are now being asked to treat the rich as their new feudal lords to whom they should be grateful, all after sweating to make and support the very machinery that keeps the rich in clover.

I’ve nothing against striving and wealth but there should also be a recognition of what the small people actually put in and the true way to do that is in a proper pay packet.

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