We are living in a world that is waking up to the importance of sustainability and convenience

Giant pholtovaic array (PD)

If something can last longer, we will buy it. If something can be used anywhere, we will use it anywhere. For this reason, eco-technology products and sustainable energy is on the up, benefitting the economy as it goes. I will explore a few products, and just how they help us financially.

Phone gadgets

The world is gadget-centric now; anywhere where you cannot use a phone, an iPad or other electrical goods is now a place not worth visiting. Therefore, the world has acted to fix that; with a product like the Helios Smart, a phone case that charges the phone with solar power, there’s now nowhere in the world you cannot have battery.

This is just one example of an efficient product that encourages the public to use their phones even more than they would previously do. Other products like the Automatic Car Adaptor connect your car’s computer to your phone, allowing it to share vital information through applications. These new innovations not only help the customer, but benefit the phone companies too.

Environmentally friendly heating

It doesn’t end with communication. Stand-alone electric radiators appear to be becoming more and more popular by the day, both for their durability and versatility. Heaters from companies like Verismart Heating, which can be installed, operated and fixed individually, are far more efficient with their energy usage than a standard gas heater.

Additionally, the fact that they need zero maintenance work make it a much more preferable and long lasting product than its rivals. With the customer able to turn on one radiator at a time, it allows a far more cost effective lifestyle, and means multiple products can be bought.

Electric cars

Finally, as the Guardian reported last year, electric cars are rising in popularity all the time – in 2014 the sale of pure electric cars in the UK more than doubled, according to The Guardian.

In earlier years, people weren’t spoilt for choice when it came to electric cars, to the extent that the £5,000 electric car grant introduced by the British government in 2011 threatened to collapse on itself. Now, with high selling products like the Nissan Leaf and the Tesla Model S, the electric market is booming. While the motors remain more expensive, the sales number are not yet as high their petrol counterparts. In September of 2014, however, 2.3% of the vehicles registered were alternatively fuelled vehicles, a huge rise on previous years. Despite the high price, it seems many people are already keen on becoming more energy efficient, whatever the cost.

The world is working together to make every product sustainable; as long as this goes on, the economy is safe.

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