A little over eighteen months ago I developed a pain that prevented me from bending over to put my socks on or tie my shoe laces.

As a very regular and committed gym-goer I assumed I had pulled a muscle in my leg. But as time went on it got worse and at one stage I could not get out of bed. For a very active person like me this made me both very worried and very angry. It wasn’t that I was stuck in bed that worried and angered me. It was that the intense pain kept me there that concerned me.

Up until this point, if anyone had told me they could not work due to back pain, I would have snorted loudly and told them to stop malingering and get back to work. But not now that I understand now crippling it can be!

I managed to get over it and, when talking to my mum about it, she said that I must have Sciatica. Now, I had never heard of Sciatica before and thought it was some sort of weird skin condition. It turns out that my dad had suffered from it up until his dying day.

I researched this condition on the Internet and suddenly realised how widespread Sciatica was, how debilitating it is and how little sufferers actually know about it.

During the process I of course consulted my doctor and also a chiropractor. Although they were very knowledgeable, I left with a list of standard exercises that seemed to offer no real benefit and no further understanding of the condition.

During my own personal web research I came across the Healthy Back Institute. After a short while reading I realised that full knowledge of the condition was just as important in managing the pain as pain-killers were.

I had, on the web, read of cases where Sciatica had driven people to the point of suicide. And, having suffered the pain involved, I can understand why this might happen. But I found that knowledge of the condition, how it comes about and how to possibly keep the pain away, gave me a renewed hope.

I now have an understanding of why the pain occurs and why I get pins and needles in my toes.

I am not a doctor and would never claim to know how to cure a medical condition. All I can say is that the knowledge I gained from the Healthy Back Institute helped me regain control of my life from the intense pain I was suffering.

I am still able to go to my local gym and, from what I have learned, I am able to fend off the back pain before it happens with some specific stretches. If you suffer from back pain then I would say give it a try. You never know it might just save you from a lifetime of misery like it did for me.

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