Smartphone Wars: Why the US is Irrelevant

It is not often that you can describe U.S consumers as irrelevant but when it comes to the quest for global smartphone sales dominance, manufacturers are turning their marketing attention towards developing economies.

There is a full-blown smartphone war going on between the giants of the industry such as Apple and Samsung and other major players, who are competing against each other for sales dominance in emerging markets.

The reason why the U.S is considered irrelevant in the battleground for smartphone sales superiority is simply that the American market is simply saturated.This observation is supported by the fact that as recently as 2014 the U.S was the 2nd highest growth market for smartphone sales, but this year, it won’t even get a mention in the top ten.

Countries like China, India and Indonesia are where the sales growth for smartphones is coming from right now, with millions of consumers looking to buy a device like this for the very first time.

The number of smartphone owners is still below 25% in many of these developing economies and the opportunity for sales growth is clearly highlighted by the fact that ownership levels are above 50% in countries like U.S, which is clearly why smartphone manufacturers are targeting their sales strategies outside of established markets.

This infographic below from Pepperdine University Online takes a look at the numbers and the challenges facing manufacturers battling for supremacy in the smartphone war, as well as identify which countries offer the best prospect for achieving sales dominance.

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Smartphone Wars Pepperdine University

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