Yes, there are plans to mint a special Brexit edition of the seven sided 50 pence coin.


Just a quick piece of news.

The Chancellor of the Exchequer, Sajid Javid, who also therefore holds the post of the Master of the Mint, is drawing up plans for a commemorative edition of millions of special Brexit 50 pence pieces.

And it is reported that he has asked his officials if it would be possible to get these out to coincide with Brexit Day itself.

The previous Chancellor, Philip Hammond had said that a small number of about 10,000 would be produced for the 29th of March Brexit date and sold to collectors for about £10 each.

For a general circulation coin, about three million will need to be made, according to the Telegraph.

Looking at the previous artist's impressions of what one of these would look like, one assumes it will look something like this with the head of the Queen on one side and the year 2019 and on the tails side the words:

50p Brexit coin-final

"Peace, prosperity and friendship with all nations" together with the date of the 31st of October 2019 – Brexit Day.

It seems only right and fitting to produce a special Brexit 50p coin don't you think? As a 50p coin commemorating our entry into the Common Market was made in 1973 and another was produced in 1998 when the UK held the presidency of the European Union (EU).

And, if any Remainers happen to find one or two of these in their change, they could always give them to a well-deserving charity. But I wonder if they are more likely to hand them over to the Rejoin the EU campaign that will inevitably be formed.

Can't wait to hear their reasoning for our re-entry into the EU and taking on the euro, Schengen and enlisting in their army.


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