Thou shall not…. need to be told

I myself choose not to practise any religion, although I do believe in the Ten Commandments.

After all if we forget the religious side for a moment, what we have is a set of rules or guidelines not unlike our modern day laws. We can even say that this holy script is actually the very foundations of our legal system. The sad thing is that we need to be told what is right and what is wrong.

Why are we unable to separate the two? Should we not know these things instinctively? I for one do not need to be told that murder is wrong, neither do I need to spend any time pondering whether it is right or wrong to leave my neighbours house with anything that does not belong to me. If for some unknown reason this were to happen, I would no doubt find myself put on trial by my own conscience. Although for some reason this internal alarm system that I possess does not seem to be been installed in everyone.  I struggle to understand how a murderer can live life without guilt. What worries me more is, if we did not enforce the law and punish people for committing crime, we would be overrun with murderers, thieves, sex offenders and various other criminals. Unfortunately many people would turn to crime and do things that are morally wrong if there were no consequences for doing so.

Some people are unable to see that what they are doing is wrong; we can only describe these people as insane. These people should not be sentenced to imprisonment inside a regular correctional facility but be placed within an establishment such as a psychiatric hospital as they need to be treated for a mental illness. It is hard to punish someone for a crime when they did not know what they were doing was wrong. Sadly most criminals are fully aware that what they are doing is wrong but carry on regardless. Lately we have seen a rise in crime especially amongst the younger generations. This I feel is because we do not give harsh enough punishments for crime. After all how many of us would still pay our phone bill if we knew all we had to do was apologize to those who provide the service?

One reason for the rise in crime is that we do not give enough thought to things such as respect and the value of life as we used to. In a perfect world we should not need to constantly remind people to respect each other but this world is far from perfect, so we must consider this and act accordingly. I may be a part of one of the younger generations, being only 21. Although I was raised to show respect, which I do, I will respect anyone unless they should give me a reason to lose my respect for them. My morals are very important to me and I believe that, if you hold the ability to help someone why not use it. It angers me how I can be on a crowded bus when someone boards who is quite clearly less able to stand is not offered a seat by those who are perfectly able of doing so.

All religions have a set of laws similar to that of the Ten Commandments. Although we need not be religious to be able to tell right from wrong. If everyone abided by these rules the world would be a much better place.

Unfortunately, no matter how much we preach morality, no matter how many laws we create or how hard we try to enforce these. There will be countless amounts of people ready to break each one. We say that we have created a civilization, but we all too frequently prove that we are not as civilized as we claim to be.

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