When you've finished university, many people come to a crossroads in their life. Your chosen profession relating to your degree may not have many job opportunities within the sector, or you simply may not want to go down this path as a career.

There is no need to worry if this is the case however as there are plenty of new careers you can train for after university. With a degree already secured in one subject, and further training undertaken in another, this will make you more attractive to prospective employers. If you're making a career choice after university, then here are the top 5 to choose from.


Teaching remains a common option for many graduates, mainly because of its flexibility. You can get into teaching with a degree in any subject from university, although further teacher training will be required. In fact, those with 2:1 degrees or higher will receive a larger bursary for their training. There are many financial schemes to cover the cost of training, and the price of the course (around £9,000) will only need to be paid back once you are in full-time employment.

Healthcare Assistant

The healthcare sector in the UK will often provide vacancies for trained individuals so this could be a lucrative career choice to embark upon. Assistants will work under guidance of a qualified healthcare professional in a number of possible roles. The tasks performed by healthcare assistants are challenging yet extremely rewarding at the same time. If you have completed a related course at university then training to become a healthcare assistant can be a gratifying step forward. There are many NHS jobs available for varying levels of competence and qualification depending on what you're looking for.


If you wish to become a lawyer then completing an undergraduate degree is required, often with a 2:1 mark at the very least. Of course, studying law is favourable although those who completed a different subject can enrol on the Graduate Diploma in Law; a postgraduate course which takes an extra year. Although much further training is required and the profession can be competitive, the financial rewards of becoming a trained lawyer can be very lucrative.


Many students choose to take up the relatively stable career of accountancy when they finish university. Enrolling on training schemes with the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) will be easier with any degree, although one related to numeracy or maths will make you stand out even further. You can do most of your financial studying remotely with companies similar to Kaplan Financial, who also provide guidance and advice to which course would suit best. It is possible to train whilst you work via an apprenticeship scheme, often meaning your education will be paid for by the employer. There are many roles within accountancy meaning a vibrant career often follows.


The marketing industry is forever changing as it keeps up with the demands of new media platforms and social trends. All sorts of companies require advertising and because of this, the industry is worth billions of pounds and creates many employment opportunities. Sectors within the industry include market research, advertising, and public relations. Finding an internship or apprenticeship with a marketing company is a great way to train and gain experience in this career.

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