David Cameron has enlisted the help of Sir Michael Caine and Amir Khan in the hopes of promoting his new idea for a voluntary national citizen service scheme.

At a time where finances and morals seem to have escaped Britain, David Cameron has proposed a summer scheme which will see all school leavers given the chance to sign up for six week long projects to make positive contributions towards society.

Just as we see the Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA) provide an incentive for those attending college, Cameron has suggested that the participants receive a cash sum for dedicating their time to the community.

The volunteers will be given the chance to experience life within the penal, military and social care worlds. They will also be offered the opportunity to travel abroad to help those in a worse position than themselves in third world countries. Half of the incentive payment will be divided between the organisations that have made the scheme possible, the other half will be given to the volunteers to pass on to their favourite charity.

Cameron first suggested the idea in 2007. With the help of wife Samantha Cameron, he will be spreading the word about the scheme, which is hoped to improve the younger generation’s outlook on life. The Conservative party believe this could become one of the “proudest legacies” left by the party. The scheme will provide key skills needed in the working world, the participants will learn to work together in team building activities before taking part in residential programmes. They will also learn the basics behind developing and running their own social action projects in the hope that they will consider taking action to help good causes in their local communities.

Cameron wishes for the younger generation to put their excess of energy to good use and hopefully find a reason to carry on their work after the projects end. He wants to help young people from all backgrounds band together to do something positive and improve the current (misplaced) bad reputation of the younger generations. This in turn should have a positive effect on the whole of the British public.

The support of Amir Khan is hoped to encourage those who may not normally show any interest in the scheme. If they see someone they look up to encouraging them to go out and do good they may change their minds and take the first steps along the path of a more full integration into our society.

The Conservative have informed us of how pilot projects have already been started to test the idea. The project will also reward the participants with a graduation ceremony and give them the chance to help teach future participants, as they may be able to become mentors after their experience.

Sir Michael Caine has given his full support to the project. He wishes to represent all those “youngsters who have been forgotten”. Sir Michael has praised conservative party leader David Cameron by saying he is “interested in saving young people”.

David Cameron stresses the point that this is to be a voluntary service so youngsters will not be expected to participate. However, those that do are hoped to benefit just as much as the people they are helping whilst taking part in their National Citizen Service.

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