Daily Brexit Update: Thursday 12th July 2018

Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader, discussed the subject of Theresa May and treason on his LBC show last night (video). There seems to be mounting anger amongst the normal Blue voting public and Farage predicts the Tories will take a hammering in the polls over the weekend.

The UK's (actually Theresa May and Olly Robbins) plan for the future 'practical and principled' UK/EU relationship is to be published later today.

With the EU saying that the plans must be workable.

And The Washington Post says that the US should support Theresa May's 'soft' Brexit.

But former civil servant and economist Ruth Lea told the Express that it is an embarrassment that the UK has not played on its strenths during the negotiation.

Dan Hannan Tweets that a no deal is a real possibility if Chequers is watered down:

John Redwood lays out in his blog exactly why he thinks the Chequers agreement is wrong and why it must change.

UKIP reports that its membership is up about 2,000 in the last couple of weeks and the party is rising in the polls:

Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Gina Miller that the electorate DID know what they were voting for in the 2016 EU Referendum.

And finally, the vote in the House of Commons for a second referendum failed miserably (video):

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