The Tories are obviously getting worried about the impact the Brexit Party is having on their vote.


The Tories yesterday were beaten into second place by the Lib Dems in the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election.

And as I said in a video about it this morning, the Tories would almost certainly have won the seat had The Brexit Party stood aside for them.

And this has galvanised the Tories to put out a video of their new Conservative Party chairman and MP for Braintree, James Cleverly, basically saying that a vote for The Brexit Party only makes getting Brexit done harder. Therefore, he said, the only way to get Brexit done is with Boris Johnson and the Conservatives.

And an article in Portcullis Magazine calls the Brecon and Radnorshire by-election an exercise in vote-splitting and makes the claim that if you vote for the Brexit Party you'll get Remain.

And the reason for this says the piece, is that the strategy employed by Nigel Farage is 'outdated and inappropriate', saying:

"Farage's attack strategy, which was perfectly appropriate when Mrs May was ensconced in Downing Street, is now misplaced and counter-productive."

And it goes on to say that:

"The Conservative Party is the only one in any position to deliver Brexit and it is time for the Brexit Party and its supporters to recognise that, refrain from overestimating their own importance, cease activities which imperil the government's tiny majority and support Boris' efforts to leave the European Union on October 31."

The trouble for those that want to see that though, is Nigel Farage watched his old party of UKIP stand aside after the 2016 EU referendum, most notably in the 2017 General Election and then saw the total anti-Brexit stitch-up unfold before his eyes.

Once bitten – as they say.

Today in a Tweet Nigel Farage said:

"Without us keeping Westminster honest, there will be no clean break Brexit on October 31st. The Tories have no choice but to deliver."

And to back it up he has announced another 50 Westminster parliamentary candidates, saying that if the Tories don't deliver, they will be annihilated and the his party has declared that it is preparing to fight all 650 MP seats across the country in a Brexit General Election.

But the little problem there, is that as far as I can see from the Electoral Commission website, The Brexit Party is only registered in Great Britain, but not in Northern Ireland where there are 18 seats available. So Nigel Farage can only stand candidates in 632 seats unless he also registers The Brexit Party in Northern Ireland.

Anyway, the message appears clear, that Nigel Farage and The Brexit Party are going to be snapping at the heels of Boris Johnson and the Conservatives every inch of the Brexit journey.

They would probably say that the threat of The Brexit Party is to the domestic side of Brexit, what the no deal Brexit is to the EU negotiation side of Brexit.

But the problem is that both sides could become very entrenched and achieve what many Brexiteers fear when two dogs fight over the Brexit bone – a Remainer runs off with it.

So, should they form some sort of pact?


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