The Taxpayers' Alliance has produced its seventh Town Hall Rich List based on council accounts. And in a period of austerity forced on tax payers by central and local government alike it will raise most peoples' hackles.

The list shows that at least 2,525 council employees received a total remuneration of over £100,000 in the 2011-2012 period [1]. At least this is a drop of 11% on the previous year where 2,839 council employees enjoyed such levels of money.

But still 103 councils actually increased the number of employees whose level of remuneration exceeded £100,000 per annum with Birmingham City Council doubling the number.

Over the 20122-2012 period 636 council employees got over 3150,000 with 42 of them getting over £250,000. How can it possibly be right for these public officials to be earning so much when those that make the decisions at the top that concern the country as a whole do not. If the argument that 'you get what you pay for' stands then maybe we should be paying MPs a whole lot more money!

To put their remuneration in context, the Prime Minister gets £142,000, which includes his MP salary of £65,000.

Cllr Peter Reeve, the UKIP local Government spokesman said,

'Nearly 150 UKIP councillors were elected last week, on a clear mandate to cut back at the greed of individuals on the taxpayer's tax bill. Up and down the country civil servants bleat about cuts to front line services while lining their own pockets. It is a hypocritical disgrace'.

'We will fight these nauseating pay rates with every sinew and bring local government back to earth. Our job is to ensure that the Town halls across the country are responsive to local people, not to the bloated bureaucracy who currently run them'.


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