House prices in London and the South east are booming leading to any politician or business person with a vested interest to herald the end or near end of the recession.

But inflation stays stubbornly high and wage rises frozen with prices for necessities, which obviously affect the poorest most, rising the fastest leading to 5.8 million Brits (about 10 percent of the population) finding it hard to find the money to feed themselves properly.

While London and the SE are doing well the rest of the country is not, with a 'two-track' recovery in evidence.

But it runs deeper than that, it's not just about the recovery and who gets there first it's about some being in policy protected clover while others are left forgotten, languishing in real poverty without even food.

The Trussell trust has now stepped forward and is urging the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to set up an in-depth official inquiry into the causes of food poverty in the country. Many recipients of food parcels are needing them only because of changes or delays in their benefits payments says the Trust.

Just yesterday the TUC General Secretary, Frances O'Grady said:

"With London house prices sky-rocketing, while real incomes continue to fall, this recovery looks dangerously lopsided.

"Until real wages start growing again households will have to take on more and more debt just to get by, which is exactly the kind of recovery the UK needs to avoid.

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No food for some!

"The fact that house prices for first-time buyers are now rising 50 per cent faster than for existing owners should sound further warning bells, particularly as the Help to Buy scheme is only starting to take effect.

"The government should look again at lowering the limit on Help to Buy to £300,000 to prevent the London property market getting even more overheated. It's no good promising people help with a deposit if a housing bubble then means they have no chance of affording a home."

What is it about the UK that the only measure of progress is house prices? So of course the only response as the financial crisis develops is to do everything that can be done to keep house prices as high as possible. Even if many are left to freeze and starve in the process.

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