The latest case of a benefit claimant living in a mansion at the taxpayers’ expense once again goes to show how broken the system is.

Essma Marjan was born and lives in London. After the birth of her sixth child, by council rules she was automatically entitled to a five bed-roomed house. So, using the regulations as written and before waiting for the council to find her a place she went out, located a house, rented it through a private agent and presented the council with the bill.

The house though is a rather nice five bed-roomed villa in a desirable part of London where Sir Paul McCartney lives. It is a four storey residency with two bathrooms a very generous living room, fitted kitchen diner and a landscaped garden.

Then she has the cheek to moan that she doesn’t have enough furniture!

Overall Essma claims £1,600 a week in housing benefit plus £15,000 in other handouts. That’s nearly £100,000 a year.

Her six children were fathered by two men, both of whom are no longer on the scene. What are they paying toward their children’s upkeep I wonder.

Some may not blame Ms Marjan and say it is the government’s fault. But I put the blame squarely on her, the government and the council.

The government have set up a system that now favours anyone but the hard working. The council just roll over and Ms Marjan thinks she deserves to live in a house like this with no effort.

Average people who fend for themselves have to rent and buy shoeboxes to cram their families into. This same standard should be applied to benefit claimants too.

Otherwise what is the aspirant’s dream for the future? “One day I want to be on benefits and have a large house too.”

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