While the UK economy grinds on with a huge anchor of debt dragging from it neck there is one sector that is thriving. Within this sector there is one company that has almost doubled its customer base as well as opening another new premises.

This expanding company within a fast growing sector is well worth a punt in our estimation. So open those cheque books, get out those credit/debit cards and I’ll tell you why you should invest in this company and show you how.

I am not talking here about an emerging AIM or FTSE company. I am talking about the Salisbury based Trussell Trust.

The Trussell Trust is a charity that provides the most effective supply of emergency food to the needy. Well that’s what the Japanese and South Korean governments think as they have sent delegations to the UK to find out how it’s done.

The food they supply though isn’t transported to the starving overseas. It is distributed to the ‘hidden hungry’ in the UK. Many people fall on hard times through no fault of their own and the Trussell Trust gives them the time and space needed to re-order their lives without them and their families having to starve in the interim.

Over the last year a staggering 40,000 people have been fed by the UK network of Trussell Trust foodbanks. That’s twice the number on the year before. Since the recession started they have seen a continual surge in demand for the service.

As an example, two young parents with a new baby were made redundant. The savings ran out and the benefits were delayed. The foodbank gave them a few days of food that helped tide them over.

Another concerns the plight of eight month pregnant 26 year old Holly who, due to a messed up electricity bill, was left penniless. She burnt her shelves for warmth. The foodbank came to her rescue. Her story featured on the BBC South Today programme where Secret Millionaire Roisin Isaacs heard about the foodbanks. She promptly donated an extremely welcome £10,000.

There are thousands of such tales.

The Trussell Trust has also just opened up its 60th foodbank in Newham and are keen to open more. It is also a great charity to donate your time to. Salisbury foodbank volunteer Peter Moss, who suffers from cerebral palsy, recently featured in the Independent on Sunday’s ‘Happy List 2010’,  as one of the 100 Britons who makes other peoples’ lives better!

This is a very well run charity that is helping people across the nation by providing immediate help right at the pointy end to the people who really need it. I am sure that you can spare a little for this most worthwhile of causes.

To find out more about the Trussell Trust and its work as well as how you can help please visit their web-site, phone 01722 411244 or e-mail enquiries@trusselltrust.org.

The Trussell Trust – Restoring Dignity and Reviving Hope

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