The Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, said that potential Latin American trade partners are emphatic that we need to leave the EU Customs Union.

While on a trip to latin America, Boris Johnson recently told the Prime Minister Theresa May to get on with leaving the EU as fast as is reasonably possible.

He has now said that during the trip it was made very clear that to do deals with the more dynamic countries the UK would need to extricate itself fully from the EU and take back control of our tariff schedules and do unhindered and uncomplicated deals.

And this comes as Jacob Rees-Mogg, speaking on the BBC Marr Show, said that the PM had made mistakes in proposing over complicated solutions to the customs problem and that she should have kept the option of a unilateral open border in Northern Ireland, as well as telling Brussels that the UK would walk without paying the £40 billion Brexit divorce bill.

On the Irish border, Rees-Mogg said:

The prime minister said in her Mansion House speech that she wasn’t going to do this, I think that is a mistake. I think it is the obvious negotiating position to have.

"Bear in mind the Irish economy is heavily dependent on its trade with the United Kingdom, it is overwhelmingly in the interests of the Republic of Ireland to maintain an open border with the United Kingdom.

“I think, if you are going into a negotiation, you should use your strongest cards and just to tear one of them up and set hares running on other issues is, I think, an error.

A committed Tory MP criticising a Tory Prime Minister – whatever next?

The former head of MI6 and member of Briefings for Brexit, Sir Richard Dearlove is warning against the UK signing up to the European Union army.

His warning comes after a new study reveals that UK civil servants are still working with the EU to keep the UK paying billions into EU defence projects, says the Express. And quotes Dearlove as saying that what we are gearing up for is not co-operation but integration.

We must cut free from real and present dangers of continuing entanglement and subordination to the EU after Brexit.” He said.

And I could not agree with him more – stop these civil servants working on giving away our defence and foreign policy – today!

And writing in Brexit Central both Sir Richard Dearlove and professor Gwythian Prins who is an academic member of Veterans for Britain, say that some civil servants are now overstepping their mark and acting ultra vires.

They point to the Galileo project as a prime example of this and say that civil servants should be there to serve – the clue is in the title.

Gwythian Prins is publishing a two part study of UK defence post Brexit and the first called 'Tacking the Ship' looks outwards to a world where our true friends:

"…await our return to assume our proper role as one of the most significant pivots of the defence and security of the West." He says.

The second essay called 'Leaving Hotel California' is designed to point out all the dangers of EU entanglement, which means subordination. It shows that firstly a 'deep and special partnership' with the EU is not on offer, only subordination and secondly and most worrying, that many civil servants are intent on locking the UK into that vassal state Hotel California Brexit from Hell.

This is unforgivable. We need civil servants working night and day on a no-deal Brexit so we can really push the negotiations hard, what we don't need is a bunch of moles undermining the whole UK.

I'll let you, the watcher, decide on good words for them.

Now it seems that the Remain campaign is being a bit timid. The Huffington Post says that Remain-backing Labour MPs have accused Remain campaigners of playing safe and sticking to London.

"MPs lined up to tell HuffPost UK the People’s Vote initiative, spearheaded by Labour MP Chuka Umunna, is stuck in a “comfort zone” and repeating the same mistakes made by the Stronger In campaign ahead of the 2016 EU referendum." the paper said.

It looks like Corbyn needs to either take charge of his MPs by sacking a few or completely rewriting his party's manifesto.

Finally, according to Goldman Sachs the UK economy is rebounding rapidly from a slow start to the year reports the Telegraph.

An index of economic indicators shows that UK GDP growth could reach 0.5% in the second quarter of this year as corporate investment growth and exports pick-up after a sluggish 0.1% growth in the first quarter.

Well, let's hope they're right.

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