After a year of milder temperatures this winter is predicted to be considerably colder and more severe than the winter of 2013/2014, causing concerns for motorists in the UK.

With news of the worsening weather spreading across the UK the nation is getting ready to deal with the freezing temperatures and predicted snow. After a milder winter was seen last year the temperatures are dropping again to match those of previous years and many motorists are set to see weather risks rising. While delays are expected in the areas where cold weather will be felt the worst, drivers are being encouraged to prepare their cars to face the dropping temperatures all around the UK.

In response to concerns over the expected weather, Allstar fuel card services have produced their own winter motoring checklist to aid drivers in identifying any problems that they could face. The checklist is designed to help drivers combat any potential problems and provide easy to follow advice on how best to prepare their vehicles for the change in weather.

Using the knowledge gained from the recent years of severe winter weather the lists covers all the commonly seen problems and areas of concern that many motorists have seen. In most instances delays cannot be avoided even as drivers take the necessary precautions to stay safe on the roads but the degree of the delays can be helped by undertaking a series of checks before the colder weather makes an impact.

After recent weather warnings from the Met Office and encouragement to take precautions from the major car breakdown services the need to properly prepare a vehicle for the winter is becoming more apparent. The Allstar checklist takes on board the issues drivers can face and provides information on how to prepare for any eventuality that may happen on the roads in the winter.

Having adequate provisions inside the vehicle is strongly advised and adding to the tools that most drivers already keep in their cars to deal with the winter weather is encouraged. Tools specific to tackling with winter weather such as salt, snow shovels and, if needed, snow chains are all advised to prepare against the worst situations. Car breakdowns are not uncommon but during the winter they can be harder to recover from as the circumstances change and often a simple problem can be made a lot more difficult to handle.

Modifying normal car checks to take into consideration the expected weather can prevent the majority of breakdowns that normally occur in the winter. Adding extra checks to parts of your vehicle like the battery, known to struggle in colder temperatures, can help motorists to avoid breakdowns where possible. Simple precautions like ensuring you have a good amount of fuel also make delays a lot less stressful.

Given the problems caused by severe winter weather in the UK in recent years, taking a few extra minutes to prepare against any potential problems is important to stay safe on the roads and to avoid unprecedented costs that could arise from cold damage.

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