Taking a flight in a cramped RyanAir flight is enough to test anyone's patience. But in the UK in particular we have a bad habit of making the travel experience as hard for each other as possible.

What ever happened to the stalwart British manners we're so famous for? The UK's most annoying flight habits have been found in a survey by LateDeals.co.uk and here are the results.

Plane and sky (PD)Excessive drinking

By all means indulge in a tipple or two to help you on your way to slumberville, but please refrain from overdoing it. "I'm just making the most of the free bar," you may well say. Well that may well be, but have some consideration for others before you succumb to an alcoholic stupor and wake the babies up with your rowdy and indecorous behaviour.

Body odour

There's little worse than sharing a row with an adolescent who has yet to discover deodorant. And whilst we're on the matter of fragrance, please take a trip to the toilet if you feel the need to break wind. Pretending to be asleep does not excuse your flatulence, or make the odour any less bearable.

Space invading

Economy class is cramped enough as it is without people invading my personal space. Arm rest hogs, seat kickers, and the morbidly obese all fall into the category of space invaders. The last thing I need is restless teenager kicking the back of my seat when I'm trying to drink my lukewarm tea. As if the UHT milk isn't bad enough.

Cry babies

This one always stirs up debate however for non-parents like me crying babies can be too much to handle. You just want to get to sleep so you can get the flight over with, but there's some inconsiderate family who've decided to take their little angel on holiday. How much fun can you have abroad with a screaming toddler anyway? Stay at home!

Noisy neighbours

I know you can't really help snoring, but it doesn't make it any less sonorous I'm afraid. And turn off those damn video games! I don't want to hear it. That's what headphones are for. And what's with people using their outside voice inside? Airlines take note, ear plugs should definitely be included with the on board goodie bag.

Boasting about cheap tickets

Congratulations, you managed to get a cheap flight at the last second. But please don't wave your ticket stub in my face telling me I've wasted hundreds of pounds. There's nothing more aggravating that someone sat right next to me who's paid far less for the privilege. Especially when they get bumped up to first class. Infuriating.

OK, rant over. I just wish people would have a little more empathy that's all. And I suppose we should all be a little more accepting of each other's annoying habits too. Nobody's perfect after all. So next time you board that plane, spare a thought for those around you and maybe, just maybe, they'll respond in kind.

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