'I've got a sore throat,' says a husky Justin Young after ploughing his way through opening song 'Blow It Up', 'so you'll need to help me out.'

Only recently passed fit for duty, Young can have few qualms about being able to rely on the support of an energised crowd that suits The Vaccines' general air of recklessness. There are precious few arms-folded, prove-to-me-how-good-you-are types in attendance, pointing to the fact that this is a band that has already transcended the hype surrounding their debut album, 'What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?', a thirty-minute, three-chord romp in the vein of The Strokes' 'This Is It'.

Pudding bowl-haircutted and dressed in a sailor boy striped top, Young is evidently holding something back for the sake of his voice during 'Post Break-Up Sex' but there is nothing circumspect about his band. Powered by the crackle of Pete Robertson's guitar and Freddie Cowan's scatter-gun drumming, it is not difficult to see why The Vaccines' live shows are often likened to The Jesus and Mary Chain and, more accurately, The Ramones.

Such elevated comparisons are never more apparent than during an exhilarating 90-second charge through 'Wrecking Bar (Ra Ra)', in which Young dares to test the upper ranges of his vocal chords for the first time. 'Wetsuit', the simplest, most affecting song in a set full of simple, affecting songs, sounds live even more like an offcut from the first Killers' album than it does on record and a cover of The Standells' 'Sometimes Good Guys (Don't Wear White)' fits the exultant mood.

The set rollicks along, between song chat kept understandably to a minimum, while 'All In White' provides a standout moment of slowed-down reflection. A sing-along burst through 'A Lack of Understanding' and 'If You Wanna', with its huge, insanely catchy chorus, restores the tone of swaggering certainty. These boy are at, or at least very near, the crest of something and they know it.

New single 'Norgaard', another hundred-yard dash of guitar jangle and half-formed lyrics, is despatched and they are off, a mere 45 minutes after they arrived. It is a measure of the kind of band they are that no one seems to feel short changed.

Next year may be different but, for now, this is all anyone expects from The Vaccines.

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