Tradesmen in the UK are considered a limited resource and a recent article from the BBC claims that the skilled worker shortage we are currently experiencing is holding back the UK’s economic recovery.

Whether you are looking for a floor heating company or a plumber, your local tradesman is going to be very popular at the moment and this is because fewer people are taking on vocational courses or apprenticeships in skilled work.

Vocational employment and skilled work is viewed by some as a second class career path. However, research carried out by the website Milkround has discovered that in a survey of 900 school leavers 42% believe that they already have the skills necessary to start full time work and could contribute to the skilled work force. But parents are still pushing children to go to university, believing the job prospects afterwards to be better.

What they don’t consider though, is that tradesmen are incredibly important to the UK economy. Without them the development of the housing market would struggle, companies providing raw material products would lose money and when the electricity or boiler fails in your home you’d be lost without them.

Tradesmen are of vital importance to the UK economy; they are the hands that allow innovation and development to occur and without their work, productivity would come to a halt and the UK’s progress will inevitable stand still.

That might sound dramatic but it’s something we are seeing now.

Tools (PD)Without tradesmen the UK is struggling to grow and expand. The call for new housing and a better road system, to reduce traffic and cope with our growing population, are at their highest ever (it has been estimated that by 2030 the average person will waste 18 days a year sitting in traffic jams).

A recent report by the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry claims that 20% more construction managers, electricians and other trades are required to meet targets over the next four years. But until this shortage is quelled the tradesmen already working will have the luxury of picking and choosing work, as well as also enjoying large wage packets.

Some bricklayers and plumbers are taking home £100,000 a year, as the demand for skilled construction workers has risen 125% since 2008 and the industry itself expanded at its fastest pace for seven months in August 2014. There are plenty of trade roles out there but not enough people to fill them, even as the Government sets up apprenticeship schemes and courses to entice young people to move straight into work after education.

The UK economy will continue to be held back, until more people take on vocational skilled work experience and training for such roles, confirming just how important tradesmen are. To ensure tradesmen aid the UK economy again, we simply need more of them across the country.

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