In more motoring news it seems that councils are after gaining access to the wallet of the driver too.

Not only do we have the threat of private companies operating speed cameras, we now have councils putting up the cost of parking

or introducing charges where none existed before. Some have also increased the times during which charges apply so as to increase revenue.

The Telegraph now shows that the cost of parking is increasing markedly. With costs for parking doubling and even tripling. This is seen as a response to their budgets decreasing as they are hit by government imposed cuts.

Even residents in some areas are now are being forced to purchase expensive permits for the first time ever. Of course the local governments have said this extra revenue will be reinvested in road safety.

The Telegraph investigation found that 150 councils have either brought in new charges for parking this year or are thinking of doing so.

This is, according to motoring organisations, effectively a tax on the motorist. And small businesses may also be affected as people avoid coming into areas that charge too much.

Why is it that when someone wants to make money the first unoriginal thought that pops into everyone’s head is ‘how can we get this off the motorist?’

As Mr Watters of the AA described this ‘war on the motorist’ to the Telegraph "With councils' coffers being drained and grants being cut, parking is the only revenue provider they have and they are clearly going to milk it, … Parking charges are effectively a tax on motorists when they should be about managing space effectively. … Drivers are being ripped off at the pumps, ripped off by parking, and it affects the whole economy.”

According to Prof Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation “The legal advice the Foundation has received is very clear; on-street parking fees can only be set to relieve or prevent congestion, and cover the costs of running the scheme. For cash-strapped councils to set charges simply to raise general revenue is 'back door’ taxation and leaves them open to legal challenge.

But that doesn’t seem to cover all those large car parks that people have to use.

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