This must be the best invention since sliced bread. The Warburtons’ Toastie Knife heats itself to 41.8 degrees Celsius in 30 seconds so that the user can spread butter straight from the fridge on bread and toast. (See the video below.)

Forget margarine or so called ‘spreadable butters’, there is nothing to beat fresh bread or toast covered in good old fashioned butter. And butter does not contain all those unpronounceable additives, just take a look at any margarine tub.

Apart from the dubious health and diet claims margarine makers claim and the perception of modernity it had when it was first mass marketed, one of the main reasons people buy margarine is because it is easy to spread when cold. Well it looks like Warburtons has come up trumps with this device. We might well see a long overdue butter renaissance as people rediscover the true rich flavour and texture of butter.

Also bear in mind that if margarine truly tasted better than butter then there would be no need for this device would there?

The knife is powered by two AA batteries in the handle, which warm elements within the tip of the stainless steel blade when switched on with the temperature being controlled by a small circuit board.

Stuart Jones from Warburtons said “We’ve fine-tuned the knife’s specifications to ensure the speediest heat-up and perfect temperature for spreading and we’re thrilled with how well it works. It made complete sense to develop a tool to help busy Brits achieve the perfect even-spread on their toast, even when using butter straight from the fridge.”

I bet the Toastie Knife flies off the shelf in the millions.

Now where’s my credit card? Ah! But sadly there’s no production date or price set yet. Come on Warburtons, get your finger out!

You can keep tabs on progress through the Warburtons Twitter account, or the Twitter hashtag #ToastieKnife.

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