Whilst pictures of rioting in Egypt fill our television screens to the exclusion of almost everything else (except footballers' transfer fees) it is alleged that many wealthy residents of Egypt are high-tailing it as quietly and quickly as possible with as much dosh as possible.

This is surprisingly something that seems to have been overlooked.

telecomtv.com states that "Meanwhile rich Egyptians have been leaving the country as quickly and as quietly as they can. Over the weekend at least 19 private/corporate jets flew off with people and their bags of money. It seems most were headed for Dubai." One of the planes was thought to be carrying the family of the billionaire executive chairman of Orascom, the mobile operator.

Oliver Shykles wrote to Max Keiser about this issue saying:

"Hi Max, Stacy,

I used to work with Greg Palast he can vouch for me.

I’ve been given this information with a view to getting it out on the internet so that people can use it as the basis for further research. The source of the information is based in Egypt and understandably they want to remain anonymous. Mainstream media outlets have been approached but cannot take up the story because the source insists on remaining anonymous and refuses an interview in which their voice/image is distorted or hidden. I’m approaching you because you are not constrained in the same way as the mainstream media.

My contact details are at the end of this email.

Information is as follows:

$10 billion of the Mubarak’s money has been transferred to Switzerland and France.

Walid Shash and Omar Tantawy are chief handlers of Mubaraks’ loot for transfer to Switzerland and France.

The transfers have been taking place for the last 7 years and have intensified during the last 3.

Farouk el Okda, governor of the Central Bank of Egypt, facilitated transfer of gold for Mubarak to foreign banks.

Alaa Mubarak close friend Hisham Hassan has been imposed on the boards of companies by regime.

Alaa Mubarak’s father in law has been imposed by the regime on companies and has ‘won’ many IT company bids.

Rashid Rashid has strong links with Alaa Mubarak’s friends.

Kind regards, Oliver Shykles"

It will be interesting to see if the new bank anti-money laundering rules so favoured by the EU and US (when attacking the people they don't like) will enable the tracing and unmasking of any illicit transfer of funds and assets. As well as identifying and punishing those involved. Or will it be automatically assumed that any money involved belongs to the bearer.

If a sum of $10 billion has been removed the new regime in Egypt will almost certainly ask for it back and it would be hard to say no to the government of a country that holds such a strategic geographical position.

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