U sat down with great expectations on Sunday evening for the return to our BBC1 screens of that great costume drama set in the late 1700s, "Garrow's Law".My expectation in this was not disappointed.

The series carried on where it had left off with Garrow, played magnificently as ever by Andrew Buchan, arguing for the oppressed in the face of the establishment.

The sets, costumes and language are all wonderfully convincing allowing you to be taken back to a time when the law was for the rich and the poor were almost exclusively the losers and usually ended up swinging from the nearest gallows for even the most minor of infringements.

This is the second set of four episodes to be screened. The first four were aired between 1st Nov and 22 Nov 2009.

This is not just a string of stories though. The cases are based on and celebrates the real life work of the pioneering barrister Sir William Garrow.

Garrow was born 13th Apr 1760 and during his life worked his way up from barrister to King's Council, MP, Solicitor General, Attorney General and more and passed on on the 24th Sept 1840.

Largely forgotten until John Beattie's "Garrow for the Defence" in 1991, he was instrumental in founding today's 'adversarial' system used in most common law courts today (as opposed to the inquisitorial system favoured on the continent). He was an ardent believer that all prosecution charges should be fully tested in the court before a guilty judgment was made. He brought the concept of 'innocent until proven guilty' to the Old Bailey.

Buchan portrays Garrow's passion with zing while showing human frailty in other areas of his life. A smash hit in the court room but a bit of a damp squib when it comes to his love interest, Lady Sarah Hill, played by the delectable  Lyndsey Marshal.

They are surrounded by a wonderful cast. Alun Armstrong as his long suffering solicitor sidekick is especially strong.

There are two major drawbacks with this show though ………….. why has it taken a couple of weeks over a year to get this back on our screens and why is it again limited to a scant four episodes.

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