For those that missed the BBC News this morning I bring you the amazing Wheelie Bin Urinal, the brain-child of one Stephan Bischof. And no, before you check your watch or calendar, it is not April the First.

Stephan has lived in three countries and studied widely as well as speaking three languages fluently. His main area of interest is in design and has come up with many original ideas in his quest to match anti-social behaviours and social problems with solutions.

One of these is the aforementioned Wheelie-Bin Urinal. It is designed for use in city centres when the pubs finally shut their doors and full-bladdered drinkers are tempted to urinate in shop doorways or your garden. This device provides a neat, if rather Spartan, solution and consists of a standard wheelie-bin having an added function of serving as a male urinal. Not only can ordinary rubbish be placed in it, a separate internal chamber stores the offending liquid. It is then drained into an internal grass bed and converted into fertilizer.

As an experiment one was left in a public space at night and yes, it did attract users.

As you can imagine, this sort of device will cause outrage to some and absolute relief to others.

This is not the only invention that Stephan has come up with. Amongst many others are:

  • The Speed Pump. A speed bump that is pumped up when it is needed during the day, and then allowed to deflate at night to keep the noise of revving engines and cars going over the humps down.
  • Beware Wildlife. Traffic signs that double up as bird houses.
  • The internet router that tells you when in the day you get your strongest signal so allowing you to plan your internet activity.
  • The fitness swing. Combining an ordinary swing with a work-out.

There are many more, but you can see the originality of thought and concept even if you can’t agree with whether they are ultimately useful or, in some cases, desirable additions to society.

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