It really is difficult to put into words the amazing job the rescuers of the Chilean miners actually did but I think the incredible spirit and bravery shown over the past few months by the Chilean people, miners and rescuers is symbolised by the actions of one man and his name is Manuel Gonzalez.

Manuel was the first man who went down the rescue shoot 2,040 feet into the depths of the unstable mine in the Phoenix 2 rescue pod/capsule,  checking to see if it was safe and he was also the last man out of that hell hole where the miners had survived.

Manuel's motivation, and that of the 300 strong team, was to save the lives of 33 miners and ensure the families got to see their husbands, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, sons, uncles, nephews and cousins one more time.

And that rescue team, all 300 of them are also heroes.

They smashed through every deadline from the expected rescue date of Christmas to the length of time it too to get every last miner out (22 hours 37 minutes) compared to their predicted forecast of between 36 to 48 hours.

This achievement is testimony to the spirit of the Chilean people who have achieved the impossible.

Something else that stands out in this story is  the amount of prayer and thanks to God displayed by the miners, their families, rescuers and the Chilean people.

It does make you wonder if there was a divine intervention involved in this and there are many who never prayed before who are now flocking to the churches in Chile.

We have come together as a world with our hearts filled with hope and love for those miners, their families and the rescuers so let us take heed of this day and date and use it as inspiration to tackle all of man's problems.

Solving the global economic collapse is a walk in the park compared to what the rescuers and miners have had to overcome so it maybe we need to really come together and end this madness that we uphold and have a new vision for this world but one dictated by the people.

And maybe we need to do a little more praying.

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