Journeying by train is surely one of the best ways to travel.  There are thousands of short rail breaks and great rail journeys to discover, allowing those with the wanderlust to travel from A to B, while soaking up some of the world’s most awe-inspiring sights.  Here are eight of our favourites.

Trans-Siberian Railway
Trans-Siberian Express is the world’s longest train journey and arguably the greatest overland adventure, this trip covers more than 8000 miles and connects Moscow with the Russian Far East and the Sea of Japan.  Passengers are transported back to the nostalgic age of rail travel and cross seven time zones in serious luxury.

Glacier Express
Linking the famous Swiss resorts of Zermatt and St Moritz, the Glacier Express is not a conventional express, in that speeds on the 180 mile long trip never exceed 22 miles per hour.  The train chugs up and down the mountains of the Valais and Graubunden for 8 hours, offering spectacular panoramic views.

Arctic Circle Express
This iconic journey encompasses a host of Scandinavian highlights.  Sights include mountains and Norwegian fjords and untouched Swedish countryside. The Arctic Circle Express passes through Oslo and Stockholm, and on to the lands beyond the Arctic Circle.

USA Coast to Coast
A spectacular coast to coast train ride across this extraordinary country of contrasts.  Highlights are many and varied and include the Statue of Liberty, the White House, the Wild West, the Rockies, the Grand Canyon, Los Angeles and Hollywood and the Golden Gate Bridge.

India’s Palace on Wheels
India’s Palace on Wheels has exquisite cabins and delicious food; this is the most comfortable and lavish way to explore India, allowing passengers to experience the bygone era of the country’s Maharajas across the deserts of Rajasthan.  Starting in Delhi, the train winds a magical route through Jaipur, the lake city of Udaipur and finishing at Agra and the Taj Mahal.

Venice Simplon Orient Express
'The train against which all other luxury trains are measured', according to Vanity Fair.  The legendary Orient-Express invented the romance and style associated with the luxury train.  Passengers travel through breath-taking scenery to some of Europe’s finest cities, including London, Venice, Rome, Budapest and Prague.  With amazing cabins, superb food and wine and excellent entertainment, a journey aboard this train is an unforgettable experience.

Eastern & Oriental Express
The Eastern and Oriental Express gives passengers a true taste of South East Asia, this 1,200-mile journey connects Singapore with Bangkok, travelling through lush tropical countryside peppered with palms, rubber plantations and paddy fields.  There’s a tour of George Town and a cruise along the River Kwai en route and the cuisine and service is second to none.

The Orient Express-by Smiley.toerist

The Orient Express-by Smiley.toerist

Image by Smiley.toerist (Own work) [GFDL ( or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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