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Theresa May has gone to Brussels to continue her task of dismantling the UK for an easy handover of control to the European Union.


We are all of course just sat here waiting to see how long the EU will order Theresa May to remain in the EU tonight as they ponder how to squeeze us dry using our weak-willed, or willing, Prime Minister.

She has gone along to Brussels to make the argument for her request for an Article 50 extension to the 30th of June, but that could prove to be quite a hard task as she doesn't actually have a plan other than a plea for more time to try and push her doomed Withdrawal Agreement through.

The EU are never going to allow an extension that makes the UK have MEP elections then has us leave prior to the start of parliament, that's just a nonsense.

No, I reckon they'll be in there trying to force Theresa May to agree to a much lengthier extension and also sign up to it there and then in the international plane, just like she got away with doing last time.

But what is she going to have to agree to in order to get that?

The bare minimum will be about one billion quid a month that we heard about before the last short extension.

One of the problems for Mrs May here is that if she does accept an offer that goes beyond the 30th of June, she would be called upon to resign before we got to that date, because she once said:

"The government intend to bring forward proposals for a third meaningful vote. If that vote is passed, the extension will give the house time to consider the withdrawal agreement bill. If not, the house will have to decide how to proceed. But as prime minister— as prime minister, I am not prepared to delay Brexit any further than the 30th of June."

But then again, how many times did she say we would leave the EU on the 29th March …. and here we are still very much joined at the hip with it!

And according to the latest reports, the PM is signalling that she will accept the offer of a lengthy Brexit delay.

But it seems this is in the hope we could leave earlier, if her rotten Withdrawal Agreement vassalage treaty and political declaration get through parliament as well as the Withdrawal Agreement bill makeing its way through to Royal Assent, so she could then ratify the whole deal.

And she wants to get this done before we are forced to actually hold EU elections? I would say there isn't time for that.

And all that leaves me gobsmacked!

Her party is unravelling before her eyes, she's had her Withdrawal Agreement UK colony status treaty comprehensively rejected three times and our international reputation is being publicly shredded for all to see.

But she's so desperate now I reckon when she gets back from Brussels we'll find she's traded the extension for the keys to Kent or maybe the Crown Jewels or something.

This woman is negotiating for the EU against the UK, there can be no other explanation!

Now yesterday I did a video where I made the argument that, despite all the hype, the Yvette Cooper Act that went through parliament to law in three sitting days and was designed to stop a no deal Brexit, was a total waste of time and effort as it changed nothing and did not constrain the PM.

So it was nice to see an article by Geoffrey Howe QC on the Lawyers for Britain website and in the Telegraph saying the same thing. To be fair he wrote his and published it while I was still producing my video yesterday afternoon and evening so I never saw the article until earlier today.

The crux of this matter is, our MPs and the Speaker bent the UK constitution to get that Act in place then passed the motion the PM was required to table – but without amending it.

I said:

"So, given all I've said above, If I'm right, MPs have just used up a one shot only Act of parliament so as to order Mrs May to do exactly what she is already doing – masterful!"

And it's summed up by Martin Howe as:

"That motion having been passed, the Act merely obliges the Prime Minister to do what she wanted to do anyway."

And my assertion that any extension would be down to a decision to do so by the PM herself and nothing to do with the Act, is also agreed by Martin Howe.

So be absolutely clear in your mind, Theresa May has not been forced to make any extension – if she does so, it will be her choice and no-one else's.

Now, what should really worry voters out there, is that Yvette Cooper's bill was put together and presented by some very experienced parliamentarians and also supported through the whole Commons and Lords procedures by politicians who are highly qualified barristers and solicitors as well as the Speaker who oversees the whole process.

No wonder those Eurocrats can so easily run rings round them. Time for a new broom? What do you reckon?

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The Cooper-Letwin Act changes nothing: Theresa May is free to reject a long Article 50 extension

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