In heartening news for Brexiteers the prime Minister has insisted that she has the determination to deliver Brexit.

In a long party political article for the Sun on Sunday the Prime Minister, Theresa May, ends by saying how intent she is on delivering Brexit.

After reams of telling the readers about what the Tories are doing for them, right at the end she promises Brexit saying:

"And underpinning all of this action is my absolute determination to make a success of Brexit, by leaving the single market and customs union and building a new relationship with the EU partners that takes back control of our borders, our laws and our money.

"We are making good progress towards that goal and we will carry on doing so with resolution in the months ahead."

But The Sun itself is not convinced and says that voters must keep her to her word on this.

"The evidence at the moment is that she is trying to force through a fudge on the customs union which would make the notion of taking back control meaningless."

And when you see that the PM refers to THE single market and customs union, you do think she could have been a little clearer and said any form of customs union.

The former Tory leader, Iain Duncan Smith said he had been told that the customs partnership concept was finished but has warned that:

"If she tries to come back with a tweaked version of this all hell will break out."

And Jacob Rees-Mogg said:

"It is nonsense to suggest we must find a compromise.

"Anything less than a total departure from the Customs Union would be a total betrayal of Brexit, the Tory manifesto and the collected speeches of the Prime Minister herself."

The Telegraph quotes a cabinet source as saying:

"It would be unimaginable for the Prime Minister to press on with the hybrid model after it has been torn apart by members of her own Brexit committee."

But the Mail says that the PM is still clinging on to the Olly Robbins customs partnership plan as the only one that will work.

Typical, ask an arch Remainer like Olly Robbins if we have to Remain and you expect any other answer?

And the BBC also reports that one of the Remainers in the Cabinet Brexit sub-committee, Greg Clark the business secretary, has now said that although we would be leaving the single market and customs union, a customs partnership is still on the table.

Now there are those who think that this is just part of a huge conspiracy to keep the UK in the EU, with the placing of a Remainer into the position of PM to ensure Brexit is thoroughly watered down in a lengthy, energy draining anti-democratic exercise.

But Patrick O'Flynn, UKIP MEP for the East of England, ascribes the problems Brexit is facing more to ministerial drift and the multiple cock-up theory.

And writing in Brexit Central he is also, he says, convinced that:

".…almost irrespective of what multiple minor dilutions are still to come, breaking free of the Treaty of Rome on 29th March next year will represent a massive victory."

And he ends his piece with a warning to the government that, whether it be Monnet style salami slicing, drift or cock-up that spoils Brexit, the voters will have their revenge as they slowly turn against the party that betrayed them.

But Corbyn has come under pressure too.

According to the Guardian forty Labour peers want to back an amendment to the Brexit legislation that would force the government to negotiate UK membership of the European Economic Area or EEA.

But the Labour leadership has told them to abstain, which will mean the amendment will fall. This has of course incensed the Labour peers who have accused Corbyn's leadership of paralysis and cowardice saying that it would stand a good chance of getting through to Royal Assent if Labour backed it.

But as any Brexiteer knows, although the Common Agriculture and Common Fisheries policies do not apply to the EEA, you still have to be a member of the EU or of the European Free Trade Association and that means you have to accept the free movement of people, goods, services and capital as well as adopting most EU single market legislation.

There is of course a bit of a post mortem going on as to why Labour didn't clean up in last Thursday's local elections and this Brexit policy debate is part of that.

But one Labour MP, Angela Smith of Penistone and Stocksbridge, said something that does resonate:

"We are increasingly being seen as a party that is ugly and unpleasant. Voters do not like the total control mentality. They don’t like bullying and they don’t appreciate attempts to shut out alternative views and debate."

And for me, the more control that Momentum and the like get over the Labour party, the worse their fortunes will be!

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